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How Much More Revenue Could You Earn if You Spent Less Time Explaining the Same Things Over and Over?

The No. 1 thing stopping organizations from growing is wasting time and energy on redundant communication.

Whether you're a startup, scaling up, or looking for ways to improve your margins - you need to accelerate the process of educating and building trust with your customers, employees & partners, or you'll always be playing catch-up.

At Godwin Media we work with businesses and NPOs to uncover their biggest communication bottlenecks and unclog them with the adaptable and entertaining whiteboard video format saving thousands of dollars and hours.

Why Whiteboard Animation?

Here are a few reasons why you should be using whiteboard animation to build traction for your clients:

  1. This style of animation has high levels of engagement because it taps more than one learning-style. It's easier for your client's diverse customers to absorb leading to longer watch-times and better SEO rankings.

  2. Whiteboard animation doesn't require on-site production, or people to be on-screen - production is more flexible than live-action or other types of animated videos.

  3. When done correctly - whiteboard animation is better adapted to scale than other formats, and it comes with the extra benefits of:

    • digital assets that can be used in other web and print applications as well as

    • the ability to update and adjust videos on the back-end more easily than other forms of animation & live action content - helping you keep your clients happy with evergreen content

Why Work with Godwin Media?

At the end of the day, a video isn't what you need. You need to solve a problem or accelerate an opportunity in your business. 

There are lots of studios that also make great whiteboard animation. Heck, you could even download the software we use and make one yourself. (Good luck if you do!) 

Don't partner with us to create some random video. Partner with us because we're going to dig deep into your business and help you figure out how to create video content that will pay for itself and help you increase your both profit and your connection with your clients.

If you'd like to learn more about our whiteboard design and animation services,

please fill out the short contact form below to get in touch.

Chance Godwin thinks with his eyeballs. He studied visual communications at VCU's award-winning School of the Arts, he's a classically trained illustrator and has served as a consultant & media producer for billion dollar brands in the healthcare, technology, finance and consumer goods industries. He's on a mission to combine engaging visual communications with cutting-edge digital media platforms to get good messages out, and help people work together more effectively.