Thanks for your interest in joining me on the podcast!

Please check out the FAQ below for more info on how it all works!

What is the Complexity Story Podcast?

Communication is one of the most important aspects of business. Without it we would never be able to build trust, solve problems, or team up with each other to get big things accomplished. The focus of this podcast is to connect with business owners and leaders as well as specialists in the communication disciplines, to discuss the opportunities and challenges they've encountered managing communications for their organizations and/or clients. As we explore the diverse communication situations that present themselves in every facet of an organization, from branding to marketing, sales, customer service, employee training and hiring, and many other areas - my goal is to uncover the strategies that reduce friction, increase both understanding and cooperation, and help businesses to get more work done faster.

Who is Chance Godwin?

I’m own Godwin Media which provides video solutions to help businesses to discover opportunities to reduce communication costs, streamline and automate expensive and time-consuming redundancies in their marketing, sales, and operations, and onboard more customers with a higher level of service quality.

What's the Purpose of this Podcast?

Create visibility and credibility for my guests by letting them showcase their expertise and promote their businesses. Promote discource on the topic of communication between thought leaders in the business community. Create opportunities for partnerships between businesses and communication service providers. Give me an excuse to meet cool people.

How Does it Work to be a Guest?

  • You’ll pick a date for our interview from a list of options
  • I’ll get you to sign a release form giving me permission to publish the interview
  • We’ll record the interview virtually using a browser based service called Zencastr. (I'll send you a link with instructions once our interview has been scheduled)
  • We’ll talk for 30-50 minutes
  • The structure (with example questions) is roughly as follows:
    • (Brief introduction of you and your background)
    • What is your business? What problem do you solve? Who do you help, and what makes you unique?
    • When I say the phrase "business communications" what does that mean to you?
    • What aspect of communications in business is the most interesting to you?
    • What aspect of communication in business do you think is the most critical for success?
    • Where do you think most businesses struggle with communications the most? Why?
    • Where do you think your business (or your client's) is wasting the most time and energy with redundant or inefficient communicaitions?
    • If you were going to invest in streamlining or improving one area of your business (or your client's) communications, where do you think it would have the most impact on revenue?
    • How do you think the landscape will change in your space over the next year?
    • Where do you want to be 12 months from now?
  • After the recording session is finished it will be published in the weeks to follow on a variety of platforms. I'll notify you when it's published and provide you with a packet of links to make it easy for you to promote your episode online.