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Q. So what am I getting for my money?

Answer: More than Video...

You don't need a video - you need a better way to communicate ideas.

Getting a message across is a tough challenge, especially if it's complicated or technical. Video is a powerful tool but it's only a part of the solution.


You're working to solve a tricky communication puzzle with lots of moving parts and at Godwin Video we help you put all of the pieces together.

We'll work with you to...

Diagnose Your Situation

Are you speaking the same language as your audience?
  • What's the communication style of your audience?

  • Who is your audience?

  • What are you trying to tell them?

  • What do you want them do do about it?

  • How will you know if you succeeded?

These are questions you'll want to ask before you invest time and money into a video, and we're here to help you answer them!

That's why - before we even start talking about animation, or the script for your video - we begin with an in-depth analysis of your situation.

Our Communication Evaluation helps us define your big idea, and a target outcome for your project. It also identifies your personal communication style and that of your audience so that we know exactly how to speak their language.

Craft a Powerful Story

Which matters more - the Script or the Animation?

A video with a weak script is like a house with a foundation of sand.

To put it simply, the writing matters. A lot.

Don't get us wrong, visual presentation matters a lot too, otherwise you'd be talking to Godwin Copywriting and not Godwin Video, but at the end of the day - video is just a more powerful way to experience a well-written story.

Without a carefully crafted narrative at the heart of your message - a video, no matter how well-produced, is just a pretty picture that won't do much for you.

Our Narrative Design System helps us map out the best writing style for your topic. One that will be clear, entertaining and memorable.

Engage all the Senses with

Scribe Animation.

Why Scribe Animation?

If you had the choice to speak to 20% of a person's brain or 100% of their brain, which would you pick?

Humans have a powerful data-filter hard-wired into our brains.

This "information defense system" is an amazing ally when it's protecting you from being overloaded, but a tough adversary if you're trying to get an idea through to another person.

If the idea you want share is remotely complicated, your odds of getting the attention of your viewers brain aren't good.

At Godwin Video we speak "brain" and we'll help you gain an audience with the conscious mind of your target. We use scribe animation to relax even the most defensive brain and reward them for taking the time to listen to you.

Here's how we do it:

Digital Scribe Video

The clean, laser-focused quality of the classic scribe has made it a popular tool for marketing training, and education over the last ten years.

Balancing images, text, and audio is both an art and a science. The tradition of sketching out concepts for an audience is one that goes back thousands of years. The reason it continues to be the best way to explain complicated ideas is because it is rooted in the biology of the brain.

When a perfectly timed drawing triggers the right neurochemicals in sequence, defensive barriers go down, and attention increases, and an audience is captivated


Today, with time-lapse technology we can amplify this effect by accelerating the speed of the drawing, syncing it with a naturally paced vocal explanation, and delivering complex content more effectively than every before.


The Godwin Video team is pushing the limits of digital scribe video. We are daily innovating new techniques and applications for this format so that we can offer the best combination of visual design quality and speed of production in the world. 

Classic Scribe can include Colored Illustrations, Motion Animation, Dynamic Backgrounds, and Photo Inserts

Spokesperson + Scribe

Did you know there is a circuit in the brain that's dedicated to nothing but facial recognition?

The human brain places a high priority on faces, and it's not surprising since, after speech, it's our most important tool for signalling important information.

A masterfully written script can do a lot of work in the way of garnering the emotional intimacy necessary to forge trust with an audience - but nothing can do it more powerfully than a real human being.

For clients who are confident public speakers - getting in front of the camera with the support of scribe video at your back is the single best way to connect with you audience and get your message through to them. 

For the less theatrically inclined - we work with a group of gifted professional spokespeople who will bring credibility and charisma to your message.

Scribe-Augmented Film

Want to create a truly immersive scribe experience? Combine it with live action video.

We'll work with your pre-recorded footage, or bring in one of our film partners to help capture the live-action content for your  hybrid video.

Live action footage brings depth and mood to a scribe video, and conversely scribe video brings energy and clarity to live action footage.

We'll help you highlight and draw attention to important elements of your live-action video content with eye grabbing text and illustration.

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